What we do ?

We are at the sweet spot between a consulting agency and a Design school. In a nutshell, we help Caribbean people to create meaningful projects thanks to Design methods

Artwork by Ronaldo Cameron @ronaldocameron

Our mission

Whistle’s mission is to make Caribbean life better by Design.
We are dedicated to empowering Caribbean Entrepreneurs, as well as working with schools, private companies, governments, associations.

In practice, we deliver programs, training bootcamps and peer-learning classes, with the aim to enhance as many positively impactful projects as possible, for the Caribbean. Our focuses are based on OECS development axes. Thus, we love to share knowledge on Caribbean environment, culture, education, adaptive healthcare or future of tourism !

Are you an entrepreneur ?
We have some training formats to help you start your business by Design !

︎▸ Caribbean Design days full edition : A 10 days bootcamp to get new skills as an entrepreneur & make your ideas concrete, in a full Caribbean atmosphere with talented peers

︎︎▸ Caribbean Design Days Bruk’it Edition : A 3 days challenge to tackle strategic and meaning issues of caribbean society

︎▸ Peer-learning Design classes : 11 to 21 weeks to get ready to start your business with a strong strategy and concrete roadmap, thanks to Design Methods, together with peers and coaches

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Are you a company, non-profit or institution ?
Management by Design can solve most of the issues you will encounter in your internal or external projects

︎▸ Tailored training programs (from 1 to 5 days) for your teams to strenghten your project management skills and adopt a Management by Design paradigm. Make your project useful for your teams and your users, its success measurable and its costs optimized.

︎︎▸ Consulting, Program Management and Design production, to make your impactful projects concrete, useful and well-known by your audiences

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Are you a secondary school ? Let's prepare the next Caribbean generation !

︎▸ Design Summercamps for high schools to improve youth’s creativity, discover Business by Design basics, and build the foundation of a renewing Caribbean entrepreneur network

Biannual Design class to build a solid school project and get new empathic, analytic and technical skills. The projects will be pitched to investors, public actors and parents