We have
10+ years
helping companies and major institutions worldwide to work more efficiently and orient their strategy to a positive impact (for their employees and their users).
Territorial change will be led by our local companies, institutions & schools !
Ideal place to work
for our talents
Rethinking education standards in the Caribbean
Ability to innovate
for things that matter
(from the earliest age)
Enabling a thriving silver economy & elders participation in society
Cooperate and unify, to make trade & investment safer
Overcoming the challenges of climate change and design an anti-fragile region
Create new standards
of education
Embedding traditional healthcare practice in the contemporary Caribbean way of living
Strengthen your overall strategy
Adopt a user oriented strategy and related processes to create measurable impact
Provide a fertile ground for your talents to flourish
Create game changing projects, with the right amount of effort
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 Here are 4 ways to contribute concretely
Webinars (free)

The opportunity to meet other Caribbean Impact Leaders and share around concrete & local case studies
CIL Program

Our Caribbean Impact Leaders Program (CILp) is for you to contribute to the Caribbean development wherever you are in the world
On-site & Online
Innovation Campus

Welcome to the new breeding ground of the next Caribbean Impact Leaders
On-site & Online
Territorial Change

For local organizations to make their projects visible & impactful for their beneficiaries, saving money and their teams’ energy
One case study we are proud of
Meet all the actors that make the Guadeloupean production and distribution network of fruits and vegetables, in order to create a collective brand that values them!

✅ Available in 8 major local retailers
✅ 170+ acres of local production dedicated to food safety
✅ 20+ certified local farmers
Meet the entire local agricultural sector to understand their reality
Bringing together all stakeholders with different issues around a single, user-oriented vision
Deliver a wide-spread brand that all Guadeloupeans can identify with, that achieves its sales objectives and guarantees food safety for the population
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Don’t take our word for it. Trust our Whistlers!

"Thank you for this qualitative work! Your method is a great way not to remain in our own biases but be more user oriented! It’s definitely different from everything else I do in my work days!"

Véronique Bellemain

Véronique Bellemain — Deputy Director at  Direction Of Food, Agriculture and Forest in Guadeloupe (DAAF) - French State

"I really enjoyed working with you guys. It brought sunshine to my workspace and I learnt a lot. I wish I could work with more people like you."

Fiona Roche

Fiona Roche — Founder at Rézilyans971, Project Manager at Iguaflhor

Quote signe from Whistle entrepreneurs and sponsors network

"What a beautiful initiative for our wonderful profession and for the Caribbean, I am happy to sponsor your work."

Saran Diakité Kaba

Saran Diakité Kaba — Director at Strate School of Design, Ex. PSA Group R&D and Design Director

"The experience was awesome, intense. The teaching team was perfect: professional and kind. The content's quality and the timing of delivery were just great. I definitely recommend you guys!"

Raphaëlle Rinaldo

Raphaëlle Rinaldo — Possibilities Developer at Osons Ici, French Guiana Coordinator

Connecting Caribbean Entrepreneurs
Our Caribbean forces community revives the region’s energy by connecting diasporic & local talents